Business and financial accounting processes consume a lot of time and resources in preparing statements, reports, forecasts, charts and other important data on a day-to-day basis. Enterprise Hub has redefined the way businesses are conducted, making them highly efficient and profitable.

Enterprise Hub’s Financial Accounting module helps you conduct all the financial transactions, accounting and reporting activities in a smooth fashion. Its easy configuration tools, compatibility with other accounting software and user friendly features, make Enterprise Hub very popular in organizations across industry domains.

General Ledger

Enterprise Hub’s general ledger offers a flexible chart of accounts combined with a series of source journals that support multi-level account definition and consolidation with real-time access to overall cash flow and profitability. In addition, the general ledger supports flexible period definition, automated period end processing, and is completely multicurrency-enabled. Enterprise Hub’s general ledger supports manual, recurring, and reversing journal entries, and allocations.

Enterprise Hub’s general ledger provides strong audit support with drill-down capability, allowing for retrieval of all data from a summary level down to detailed transactions. Data can be exported to the integrated financial report writer. These capabilities provide a fully-integrated financial management solution for a wide range of manufacturers and distributors from small start- up companies to multinational, publicly-traded corporations service.

Multi-Level Chart of Accounts

Enterprise Hub provides a flexible, multi-level general ledger structure that supports such entities as multiple companies, business units, divisions, facilities, departments, or profit centers. These relationships are easy to define through a flexible process that allows an organization to modify or expand the account structure as needed. In addition, Enterprise Hub’s built-in financial report writer automatically generates professional financial statements at any level of organization desired.


  • Track multiple organizational segments such as companies, business units, or profit centers
  • Hierarchy of departments can be consolidated by levels for summary purposes
  • Financial data can be viewed at various levels of the overall business hierarchy
  • Financial reporting can be performed at multiple organization levels, from a department or facility through company and business unit to an overall consolidated enterprise

Various legal entities can each operate with their own base currencies while being consolidated into a common corporate currency at an overall enterprise level.

Accounts Receivable

Enterprise Hub’s accounts receivable functionality strengthens the order-to-cash process flow by providing a controlled yet streamlined approach to billing and payment processing. This fully- integrated solution offers the utmost in flexibility and efficiency for Enterprise Hub software users.

The accounts receivable processing is fully integrated with rest of the Enterprise Hub software solution, allowing an organization to share information with customer service and sales personnel. In addition to strong multicurrency and customer pricing capabilities, Enterprise Hub includes a credit and collections process to enhance overall customer service and cash flow.

Payment Methods

Enterprise Hub supports flexible payment options to accommodate both traditional and online order placement. Enterprise Hub provides efficient customer payment processing including cash payments, online credit card processing, discounted terms,
installments, or any combination of payment methods.


  • Supports multiple methods of payment including cash, credit card, and EFT
  • Hierarchy of departments can be consolidated by levels for summary purposes
  • Financial data can be viewed at various levels of the overall business hierarchy
  • Financial reporting can be performed at multiple organization levels, from a department or facility through company and business unit to an overall consolidated enterprise

Invoice Processing and Cash Application

Enterprise Hub’s invoicing processing creates accurate invoices that include calculation of charges for products, services, freight, and sales tax while also managing commissions, discounts, allowances, and rebates. Invoices are generated in the customer’s default currency and formatted to their unique requirements. These transaction are then posted to the appropriate source journal in the general ledger, providing a complete audit trail from the invoice to the original sales order and associated shipments.

Enterprise Hub cash application supports automated processing of electronic bank feeds, as well as flexible manual cash application through a host of inquiries and invoice groupings. Enterprise Hub also supports corporate cash application, allowing cash application to be performed at an enterprise-wide level for a combination of business units and divisions.


  • Unique invoicing methods and invoice print formats can be specified by customer
  • Invoices can be generated and grouped by
    sales order, customer PO number, or customer account
  • Customers can be invoiced on regular intervals that include daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Apply cash to a customer account based upon multiple criteria to one or multiple invoices
  • Online review of each customer’s account
    status with payables trending over time
  • Automated cash application using electronic bank feeds
  • Corporate cash application process allows
    cash application to be performed at an
    enterprise-wide level for a combination of
    business units and divisions

Credit and Collections

Enterprise Hub’s manages credit and collections in a real-time, efficient manner through the use of online financial information and an integrated collection call log. Accounting personnel have online access to critical information such as customer balances, outstanding invoices, receivables aging, and key financial statistics. This information arms the collections agent with the data necessary to resolve issues and obtain customer payments.


  • Provides central control over credit policy
  • Provides online access to customer credit limit, payment history, and collection notes
  • Supports the placement of sales orders on
    credit hold based system criteria and user hold based on company policies
  • Supports standard dunning notices and
    associated history
  • Provides automated collection calls with
    customer information, associated notes, and follow-ups

In addition to standard general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable functionality, Enterprise Hub includes a robust financial report writer.
Most importantly, Enterprise Hub’s ERP accounting software functionality is fully-integrated with the entire BEnterprise Hub application, including inventory management, warehouse management, purchasing, order processing, manufacturing and planning, CRM, business intelligence, and e-Commerce, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in multiple software packages and streamlining the organization’s financial management and accounting operations.

Accounts Payable

Enterprise Hub’s accounts payable functionality provides an online voucher system that applies a controlled set of processes in a flexible yet effective manner. This automated process manages purchases and payables in a timely fashion and facilitates efficient operations, reduces data errors, enhances financial visibility, and improves cash flow.
The accounts payable solution supports a multi-level company structure, multicurrency transactions, multiple bank accounts, corporate cash accounting practices, and electronic funds processing. These transactions feed the general ledger via the accounts payable source journal.
Accounts payable data is available for flexible reporting through Enterprise Hub’s workbenches and dashboards.

Invoice Processing

Enterprise Hub’s invoice processing provides efficient management, reconciliation, and payment of invoices. This functionality offers the accounts payable team real-time information and a means to review the purchase order, associated receipts, and invoice, and resolve any discrepancies. This automated process provides both two-way and three-way matching to reduce processing time and data errors, and eliminate over payments.


  • Supports both two-way matching and three-way matching
  • Supports online routing and approval of
  • Places an individual vendor, individual invoice, and individual line on hold
  • Tracks payment and discount information
  • Supports sales tax processing
  • Supports default currency
  • Scans and stores scanned invoice images for online viewing
  • Supports credits and adjustments
  • Links cost adjustment back to original invoice and payment
  • Calculates purchase price variance
  • Supports recurring vouchers
  • Supports periodic expenses

Payment Processing

Enterprise Hub’s accounts payable processing supports the selection of unpaid vouchers for payment, payment processing, and posting to the appropriate source journal. Enterprise Hub supports payment by check, eCheck, ACH, and EFT. In addition to flexible check preparation and printing and the creation of electronic feeds for paperless payment processing, Enterprise Hub supports voiding of single or multiple checks while providing a complete audit trail.


  • Enables flexible payment of invoices based on various selection criteria
  • Supports multiple bank accounts
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Supports manual check creation
  • Supports payment by check, eCheck, ACH,
    and EFT
  • Verifies that checks were written by approved personnel only
  • Supports check voids by single check or by
    range of checks
  • Supports printing of replacement checks
  • Provides a complete audit trail

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Enterprise Hub’s 360° CRM functionality provides a fully-integrated approach to customer and prospect interaction. Unlike most ERP systems on the market today, which have CRM software as separate module, Enterprise Hub CRM functionality is leveraged throughout the entire Enterprise Hub software suite. In doing so, Green Spoon offers a comprehensive 360° view of manufacturing and distribution companies’ customers and prospects.

At its core, Enterprise Hub is based on a management-by-exception philosophy that monitors and provides alerts. These alerts provide sales and customer service personnel proactive tools to initiate action and communicate status to their customer contacts.

Furthermore, Enterprise Hub software monitors recent customer purchases and compares the data to the customer’s order frequency to alert appropriate personnel when there is a decline in activity, prompting proactive communication with the customer.