Enterprise Hub’s 360° CRM functionality provides a fully-integrated approach to customer and prospect interaction. Unlike most ERP systems on the market today, which have CRM software as separate module, Enterprise Hub CRM functionality is leveraged throughout the entire Enterprise Hub software suite. In doing so, Green Spoon offers a comprehensive 360° view of manufacturing and distribution companies’ customers and prospects.

At its core, Enterprise Hub is based on a management-by-exception philosophy that monitors and provides alerts. These alerts provide sales and customer service personnel proactive tools to initiate action and communicate status to their customer contacts. Furthermore, Enterprise Hub software monitors recent customer purchases and compares the data to the customer’s order frequency to alert appropriate personnel when there is a decline in activity, prompting proactive communication with the customer.

Enterprise Hub’s CRM functionality integrates with the complete Microsoft Office Suite including Microsoft’s Outlook and Exchange, Word, Excel, and MapPoint, allowing one-click access to email, document mail merge, data export and manipulation, and customer and prospect mapping.

Sales Commission Management

The Enterprise Hub software solution provides integrated functionality for managing and tracking
sales commissions and incentives programs and processing associated payments. Enterprise Hub’s commission management solution supports multiple commission methodologies. Commissions can be paid at invoicing or deferred until customer payment is received. Enterprise Hub’s ERP software makes calculating and reporting sales
commissions simple and straightforward.


  • Allows comprehensive commission structures based on sales revenue, margin, and quota attainment
  • Split commissions can be calculated at multiple levels of sales activity
  • Commission overrides can be defined by
    customers, products, sales types, or in
  • Commissions can be paid at invoicing or
    receipt of payment from
  • Supports online visibility of commissions and quota attainment by sales reps and managers

Service Management

Enterprise Hub’s service and support functionality provides a mechanism to perform help desk support for manufacturing and distribution organizations. Enterprise Hub software’s help desk features provide an efficient means of tracking support calls from inception, to routing of the
issue to a service technician, through problem resolution. The service and support functionality is fully-integrated with the rest of the Enterprise Hub software suite so key information such as order history, serial numbers, and warranty information are quickly available for support personnel.


  • Supports creation of an issue, assignment to personnel, and documentation of resolution
  • Supports issue date and time stamps for
    opening and closing to calculate elapsed time to resolution
  • Allows entry of issue categories and
  • Supports product serial number and warranty or maintenance tracking
  • Supports associated generation of a product return
  • Online visibility to data enables root cause

Serial Number and Warranty Tracking

Enterprise Hub’s inventory management functionality provides complete serial number and warranty tracking. Enterprise Hub tracks serial numbers and warranty periods for components, distributed items, and manufactured goods. The system also supports the consumption of serialized components in serialized finished goods. Enterprise Hub automatically tracks whether items being serviced or returned are covered under warranty.


  • Supports assignment of serial numbers at time of receipt, production, or upon shipment
  • Tracks serial numbers of components used in production
  • Tracks serial numbers shipped to customers and those remaining in stock
  • Tracks warranty information by serial number
  • Tracks vendor warranty by date of receipt or date of shipment to customer
  • Tracks vendor warranty by date of receipt or date of shipment to customer
  • Automatically tracks whether items being
    serviced or returned are covered under

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Retail, Wholesale Distribution, e-Tailer and Manufacturing organizations leverage Enterprise Hub’s powerful sales order management functionality to provide superior customer service. Enterprise Hub is designed to accommodate order entry processes in both B2B and B2C order entry environments. Enterprise Hub can manage regular sales orders, drop shipments, blanket orders, recurring orders, group orders, and counter sales.

In addition to traditional order entry, Enterprise Hub also accommodates Web orders, route accounting management, and incoming and outgoing order-related EDI transactions.

Enterprise Hub’s order management supports an infinite number of order line items, which can include stock, non-stock, and direct shipped items. In addition, the order entry process supports samples, kits, and configured products.